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5 Inspiring Designs from LinkBossPro Users

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5 Inspiring designs from our Users to help you design your page

Designing and customizing your page is easy with the pre-built tools provided to you by LinkBossPro. 

All you need is some creativity, some content, and our tools and you could create your own inspiring designs. 

In this article, we will share with you 5 inspiring designs from our users that you can draw ideas from when designing your page. 

Design 1. Deni (Singer | Songwriter)

LinkBossPro Deni Page Inspiring designs number 1

There is a consistency of colour, styling and imagery in her page that creates a coherent, clean and stunning look. 

She has used a custom background, then styled the button to have an opacity on the button background, thereby enabling the page background colour to be pulled through into the button.

A custom thumbnail on the button reinforces the album artwork that is visible below the button as well as her identity as per her profile picture.  

If you are an artist, you can check out these tips for artists

Design 2. Sarch Designs (Architect | Artist)

LinkBossPro Inspiring designs Sarch designed number 2

A visually stunning page with clean lines, visual elements, a smart use of colours, and several custom elements. It creates a simplistic, yet sophisticated elegance.

Sarch Designs has used the image grid function on her page in order to add the images that you see. 

The gold text and border customization on her link buttons picks up off the text styling at the top of her page and compliments the background colour. 

Design 3. DJ 13 SA (DJ | Producer | Brand strategy)

LinkBossPro inspiring designs dj13 sa

A classic use of white, grey and black to create a striking, clean and aesthetically appealing page. 

DJ13 SA has used a custom gradient to create the page background. the gradient fades from white to dark grey. These colours compliments his overall brand identity. 

He has customised his text styling to dark grey and used this colour for the button background colour which creates a design consistency. 

Design 4. Neteske Gavin (Social Media Guru | Emerging real estate agent)

LinkBossPro inspiring designs Neteske

Elegant, striking, and easy to navigate, this page has a clear identity and appeal. 

Neteske has used some custom styling on her link buttons to create a visual identity for the button function. The use of thumbnails and icons helps to make the link buttons shine as well as speak to what they are about. 

The use of dividers on her page helps to create a clear break between elements and categories of content. Each divider has a custom icon that speaks to what the next section is. 

Design 5. Moh Selly (Artist)

LinkBossPro inspiring designs number 5 moh selly

Moh Selly has not only created a great looking page for his upcoming album, but he has developed his page with one clear objective which is to get people to pre-save his album on digital stores. 

His LinkBossPro page is being used as an acquisition and conversion tool. He drives fans and potential fans to his page in order to get them to sign up for his new project which is due to be released. 

Again like our some of our other pages, he has used the custom background feature, image thumbnail on link buttons and text/background styling. 

We hope that these 5 inspiring designs will help stimulate your creative design process. We look forward to seeing your page soon. 

Still, need help?

If you have any additional questions about inspiring designs for your Biolink page or any other questions, please contact the LinkBossPro customer support team in the chat (blue icon in the bottom right corner) or check out more articles here in our blog or check our Youtube channel. 

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