Use an Image grid to create a stunningly visual Biolink page (2021)

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How to create an image grid

If you are a model, photographer, an artist, or own a store, an image grid is a great tool to use to create a portfolio, store or showcase of your work. 

Its easy to add an image grid and in this how to guide you will learn the easy steps to add an image grid to your page. 

Step1. Go to the Biolink page that you want to add an image grid to and click on “Add a link”. 

Then select “Image Grid” from the link selection tool menu 

LinkBossPro biolink page add a link

Step2. Select the image that you would like to add to the image grid. We suggest that you use a square image as this will look best on a grid. 

Now add the destination URL. This is where your audience will be redirected if they click on the image. 

Give the image a name. Remember that the image name appears on the image in the bottom third. Keep it short and simple. 

LinkBossPro Image Grid create image

With the image grid feature, you will need to repeat the above steps to add each image to your LinkBossPro Biolink page. 

Once you have added all the images that you want to use on your Biolink page, you can sort the images. 

Select the 3 lines to the left of the Image Grid box and then drag and drop the Image Grid in the desired position. 

Don’t forget to click “Update” to save the changes to your Biolink page. 

LinkBossPro image grid reorder image

Your LinkBossPro Biolink page should be looking good like the one below. 

LinkBossPro Inspiring designs Sarch designed number 2

Still, need help?

If you have any additional questions about how to add an image grid to your LinkBossPro Biolink page or any other questions, please contact the LinkBossPro customer support team in the chat (blue icon in the bottom right corner) or check out more articles here in our blog or check our Youtube channel. 

Alternatively, you can email our support team via


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