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Brands to cut the number of social media channels in 2021

LinkBossPro Brands to reduce number of social media channels
Brands to cut the number of social media channels in 2021

In 2021 we will see brands declutter their online representation and the channels that they use to market their products and services.

This will change how they influence and communicate with their audiences and customers.

For the last decade, brands have competed to be present across all relevant social platforms, buying up handles, influencers and securing their online identity.

Presence, relevance and engagement in all these spaces was extremely important.

Teams were hired to create content and manage communities.

Each new platform that became popular was subsequently added and the number of channels brands were communicating in increased.

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In an ever more cluttered online environment, the individual is inundated on a daily basis with thousands of ads from brands and influencers pushing products or services.

It is estimated that the average individual sees over 4000 ads a day while online.

The majority are wise to hard sell, influencers and remarketing campaigns based on their search behavior or engagement with content. The Impact of COVID 19 has simply accelerated the need for change. 

In order for brands to remain relevant to their audience and customers, they need to evolve and optimize their strategies.

Brands have finally realised that they do not need to be everywhere and part of every conversation on every platform.

The decade of conversation hashtag FOMO for brands is over.

Good brands understand that presence does not equate to relevance nor does it result in a conversion.

Don’t get it wrong, social media channels and online marketing are still critical to brands but how they are used and what is used will evolve. 

The first step

For many brands will be a reduction in the number of social media channels that they use to share, influence, and communicate.

The shift will be from multiple channels of influence to fewer channels that have a higher value for the individual consumer they value.

Quality over quantity where the quality is authentic, focused, and relevant to their specific brand’s products, and services.

Step 2

Understanding what the individual engages with, identifies with, responds to and ultimately purchases will be ever more important as we shift into an age of personalized commerce.

Individuals expect brands to understand what they’ve engaged with, bought in the past based on all the data they have willingly shared with the brand through their engagement on their social media channels and sites.

Brands will need to know what they want and when they want it, predicting what they want to see next. 

As part of this evolution, co-curating experiences with their consumers will be even more important.

Hiring influencers with a large number of followers will be less important than the authenticity of that influence within the brand’s community.

The classic word of mouth from trusted relatable authentic sources will increasingly drive engagement and ultimately conversion. 

If you curate authentic content that is relevant to brands, it is important that this is well presented, trackable and easy to navigate.

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