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3 Effective Biolink landing pages to help grow your brand today

Landing Pages Biolink Page

3 Effective landing pages you can create to grow your brand.

To anyone new to online marketing, landing pages sound a lot like the home pages of websites and entirely unnecessary.

Why would one need a landing page when one has a perfectly good home page? Why create a separate, distinct page for people to be directed to when they click on a call to action?

This seems like a lot of effort when one has a perfectly good website to direct them to.

In this article we will look at the importance of having a landing page, how to use it and the types of landing pages that you can create.

At LinkBossPro we have removed the complications associated with developing a landing page whilst providing you with all the tools you need to achieve the same result. 

Why spend thousands on development when you can easily create a landing page with a few clicks.

First let us explore what landing pages are and then what types of landing pages you can create to maximize growth. 

What is a landing page?

Landing Pages Biolink Page
Example of a Biolink Landing Page

A landing page is the first point of contact between a user and your brand online. 

Usually this is after they have taken an action, such clicking on a link you shared, an advert you placed or a marketing email.

Unlike your website, which has lots of details about you, your brand, products and services, a landing page is designed with a single goal or call to action.

It’s this tunnel like focus that makes landing pages so valuable to marketers and one of the best options for increasing your conversion rates for your campaigns.

You can create landing pages for specific campaigns, audiences and purposes.

Whether you are a blogger, an artist, a podcaster, or a company the goal is ultimately the same.

Attract an audience, convince them to take an action, and convert them to take up your offer, product or services.

At the core of it you want to build your audience and customer base.

Advantage of landing pages

Landing pages can help you promote and build your customer base more effectively than your website by reducing the friction to action and focusing the user.

They introduce the user to your brand and guide the user through your customer journey.

The final destination being signing up to a newsletter, purchasing a service or product or some other conversion activity. 

3 types of landing pages you can create to maximise your growth

Lead Generation pages

Landing pages are excellent at generating leads for your business.

They can be used to collect personal information in order to create as many leads as possible.

Mostly this would be via a signup process that captures key personal information which enables you to then target/contact them and ultimately convert them.

A good lead generation landing page with video, audio, images and clear descriptions is a must have tool for lead generation pages.

In the sample landing page above, Jane Smith has included an email signup for her newsletter with the aim of getting them to purchase or subscribe to her other products or services. 

landing pages lead generation

Product information and click through landing pages

Product information and click-through landing pages are intended to provide information to the user about the specific product or service in order to convince them to make an immediate purchase.

In other words, their purpose is to drive interested users directly to the product or service.

Product information and click-through landing pages are the springboard that directs a user straight to the checkout. 

Whether that is a subscription, an e-book or a specific product, the landing page is an important part of the conversion funnel. 

biolink landing pages conversion funnel

A user was led to your landing page via content you shared, placed or promoted to them on other available online channels (social media, search ads, display ads, 3rd party websites, etc).

Now that they are on your landing page, the product information and click-through landing page presents information about the discount, promotion or offer.

The goal is to convincee them to purchase right away.

These pages are clean, simple and easy to understand and will direct the user straight to the checkout or purchase flow on your website or commerce platform. 

Content Marketing pages

Content marketing pages are focused on creating, curating and distributing, relevant and consistent content to attract, grow and retain a clearly defined audience.

While the long-term goal would be to get them on board as a customer or a paying subscriber, the purpose of this page is to capture their attention and draw them in.

A typical use of this type of landing page is to one that provides free resources to the user.

These free resources have value and directly service a need for that user.

The intention is to entice and convince the user to want to sign-up or be interested in more in-depth or exclusive content resources.

Convert a page visitor into a lead. 

We can help you create your unique landing page

LinkBossPro provides you with the tools and knowledge to build your own customized landing page.

We help take the pain out of having to code your own landing page while providing you with the components and control that you need to design, curate, promote and measure your page.

Visit our blog or Youtube channel for PRO tips and Get Started today


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