Now you can use thumbnails and Icons to enhance your button links.

LinkBossPro add thumbnails and icons to your link buttons blog cover

Using thumbnails and icons to enhance your links.  When you add a link to your LinkBossPro Biolink page using the “Link” option, a button is added to your page. You can customize this button’s colour, border, animation, text and shape.  Additionally, you can add a custom thumbnail or icon to each button.  Custom thumbnails and […]

SEO Customisation to increase your LinkBossPro Biolink Page ranking

SEO Customisation LinkBossPro biolink page

SEO Customisation for your LinkBossPro Biolink page You can further optimise your LinkBossPro Biolink page by adding key information under the SEO section that will help your pages ranking in search engines.  1. Open the SEO section under your page settings to begin SEO customisation  Once you have opened, it will look like this:  2. […]

1 Easy click to customize your Biolink Profile Picture

LinkBossPro customize Biolink profile picture blog cover

How to add a Biolink profile picture to your LinkBossPro page Your LinkBossPro Biolink page is more than just a link in your bio or a link that you share on social media. It is a connection for your audience to your personal mini webpage that is a one-stop shop for them to interact with […]