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Insert your Vimeo video on your Biolink page. 

You may have seen content performance stats that detail how video dominates online content consumption and how it is by far the top-performing digital asset for engagement. 

These reports are true and video is definitely something that you should keep in mind when designing your Biolink page. 

Add your Vimeo video to your Biolink page and ensure your video content works for you to drive engagement. 

Here’s how you can add your Vimeo video to your Biolink page.

Firstly, open the Biolink page that you want to add your Vimeo video too, and then click on “Add a link”. 

LinkBossPro biolink page add a link

Now, select the Vimeo link option from the link selection tool menu and add your Vimeo video link in the Vimeo URL input field. Click “Submit” and select “Update” to commit the changes. 

LinkBossPro add vimeo video to your page selction tool image

You should now see your Vimeo video on your page as per the below example. 

If you are struggling to obtain your Vimeo video link, see the guide below for help.

LinkBoss Pro add Vimeo Video to your Biolink page example page image

How to get your Vimeo video link. 

Go to Vimeo and locate the video that you want to embed on your Biolink page. 

Now, select the share icon on the right-hand side of the video and copy the link as per the images below (bottom icon). 

Now follow the process outlined above to add you Vimeo video to yiour LinkBossPro Biolink page

LinkBossPro add Vimeo video copy link image
LinkBossPro add Vimeo video copy URL Image

Still, need help?

If you have any additional questions about how to add your Vimeo Video to your LinkBossPro Biolink page or any other questions, please contact the LinkBossPro customer support team in the chat (blue icon in the bottom right corner) or check out more articles here in our blog or check our Youtube channel. 

Alternatively, you can email our support team via


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