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What to do to downgrade your LinkBossPro account today (2021)

downgrade your LinkBossPro account
What you need to do in order to downgrade your LinkBossPro account.

1. Login to your LinkBossPro account

How to Login to your LinkBossPro account - Login page

2. Now you will need to go to your LinkBossPro “plan” in order to to downgrade your LinkBossPro account. 

On Mobile:

Click on the 3 lines and then select “plan”. 

LinkBossPro Account billing mobile menu - delete your linkbosspro account

For Desktop

Click on your name and then click on “plan“. 

LinkBossPro account billing menu desktop image

The next step is to select “Renew/Change Plan”. 

LinkBossPro Renew change plan image

Choose the plan that you would like to downgrade your LinkBossPro account to and click “choose plan”. 

Please note that if you were on a paid plan, the new plan that you have selected will only become effective once the date for renewal of that plan has passed. 

You will see a confirmation message at the top of the page that confirms your selection will only take place once the date for renewal has passed and that you have been able to downgrade your LinkBossPro account . 

downgrade your LinkBossPro account confirmation message

Still, need help?

If you have any additional questions about your account or any other questions, please contact our customer support team in the chat (blue icon in the bottom right corner) or check out more articles here in our blog or check our Youtube channel. 

Alternatively, you can email our support team via


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