Account billing – Important information for you (2021)

LinkBossPro account billing important information LinkBossPro account

How exactly will account billing work for my LinkBossPro account? You will be billed monthly or annually for the paid subscription plan that you have selected with LinkBossPro.  If you are on the free plan, then you will not be billed.  To check what plan you are on or any other information pertaining to account billing or […]

What to do to downgrade your LinkBossPro account today (2021)

downgrade your LinkBossPro account

What you need to do in order to downgrade your LinkBossPro account. 1. Login to your LinkBossPro account.  2. Now you will need to go to your LinkBossPro “plan” in order to to downgrade your LinkBossPro account.  On Mobile: Click on the 3 lines and then select “plan”.  For Desktop Click on your name and […]

Login to your LinkBossPro account – in 2 easy clicks

how to login to your LinkBossPro account

This article will guide you on how to login to your LinkBossPro account.  First, you will need to open the LinkBossPro Home Page.  Once the page has loaded, click on “get started” or “login” OR you can just click here to go straight to the login page.  1. Enter the email address associated with your LinkBossPro account in the “Email Address” […]