5 Inspiring Designs from LinkBossPro Users

LinkBossPro inspiring designs blog cover

5 Inspiring designs from our Users to help you design your page Designing and customizing your page is easy with the pre-built tools provided to you by LinkBossPro.  All you need is some creativity, some content, and our tools and you could create your own inspiring designs.  In this article, we will share with you […]

How to add social media & important contact information to your Biolink page

LinkBossPro add social media key contact information to linkbosspro page

How you can add social media & key contact information for ease of contact To add social media & key contact information to your LinkBossPro BioLink page simply go to the “Socials” section located in your settings section to get started setting this up.  What social media details and contact information can I add to […]

SEO Customisation to increase your LinkBossPro Biolink Page ranking

SEO Customisation LinkBossPro biolink page

SEO Customisation for your LinkBossPro Biolink page You can further optimise your LinkBossPro Biolink page by adding key information under the SEO section that will help your pages ranking in search engines.  1. Open the SEO section under your page settings to begin SEO customisation  Once you have opened, it will look like this:  2. […]

1 Easy click to customize your Biolink Profile Picture

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How to add a Biolink profile picture to your LinkBossPro page Your LinkBossPro Biolink page is more than just a link in your bio or a link that you share on social media. It is a connection for your audience to your personal mini webpage that is a one-stop shop for them to interact with […]

Build & Create Your Own BioLink Page with ease in 10 Minutes

LinkBossPro Build and create your own biolink page

Start now to Create your first LinkBossPro Biolink page Firstly, welcome to the LinkBossPro team. By now you have successfully registered and logged into your dashboard.  Let’s get started and create your first Biolink page.  1. Select “Create Biolink Page” on the right-hand side of your dashboard.  2. Select “Create your own” as you would […]

7 Easy Steps to Upgrade Your LinkBossPro Account today

Upgrade Your LinkBossPro Account

Upgrade your LinkBossPro account to the PRO plan and get access to premium features today.  To upgrade your LinkBossPro account you will need to login to your account.  Once you have successfully logged into your LinkBossPro account follow the guide below.  7 Easy steps to upgrade your LinkBossPro account Step 1. Go to your current plan […]