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The LinkBossPro story

LinkBossPro is a professional link management service that enables you to create a personalised and easily customisable mini webpage (landing page), that is accessible to your audience, customers, or fans via ONE unique link. 

Instead of sharing multiple links across your channels and online adverts, LinkBossPro created a system where you use just ONE link to direct your audience to your personalised landing page. This landing page provides your audience, customers, or fans with a one-stop-shop for all your key links, products, services, special offers, instant messengers, social accounts, and latest content. Creating immersive, focused content experiences that yields conversion results was one of the core rationales behind the creation of LinkBossPro. 

LinkBossPro was started by two former colleagues (Milton & Mike) who between them have decades of experience in media, broadcasting, music and marketing. They wanted to create a platform that was easy to use, removed the complications associated with managing links online as well as one that optimised the marketing conversion and acquisition process for individuals, brands, influencers and artists.

LinkBossPro removes the friction of development, the costs of setting up campaigns and reduces the time required to enable people to create their own pages in minutes. 

Unlike your website, which has lots of details about you, your brand, products and services, a landing page is designed with a single goal or call to action.

It’s this tunnel like focus that makes landing pages so valuable to marketers and one of the best options for increasing your conversion rates for your campaigns. LinkBossPro enables you can create landing pages for specific campaigns, audiences and purposes in just minutes.

Whether you are a blogger, an artist, a podcaster, or a company the goal is ultimately the same: Attract an audience, convince them to take an action, and convert them to take up your offer, product or services. At the core of it you want to build your audience and customer base.

LinkBossPro helps you to connect and grow your audience, customers, or fans. LinkBossPro is perfect for everyone to share everything, anywhere with everyone.

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